Big Data: Is Your IT Service Desk Informed on Hadoop Security?

Kiersten Hoffman

Companies are relatively tight-lipped about Hadoop adoption, and even more so about their security measures, so getting solid percentages about use and security is impossible. But it is estimated that about 500 to 1,000 enterprise-scale businesses are currently using Hadoop in a production capacity, yet only about 2-5 percent of executives with those companies cite security as a major issue with using Hadoop.

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How to Make a Strong Case for IT Service Management ROI

John Collier

More than perhaps any other department, IT still has difficulty proving the potential ROI for IT service management, and indeed, any IT related expenditure. Sometimes the monetary return on investment is far removed from the expenditure, making it hard to prove to executives what the real value or potential value is. Here is your guide to making your case for IT service management.

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How IT Service Management Can Lead Other Inside Service Providers

Oz Merchant

IT is in the position of being the company experts on internal service provision, and in organizations with a great IT service management program, people may wonder why requesting software for a new hire is a straightforward, predictable process, while putting in for vacation or requisitioning a company fleet vehicle is an experience.

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