A Day in the Life of an IT Service Technician

My name is Lisa, and I’m an IT Service Technician at a mid-sized organization. I rely on the SAManage IT service management system each and every day. It provides me with a variety of advanced functionality that empowers me to give my end users the help and assistance they need.

SAManage is so easy to use.  It helps keep me efficient by automating routine or repetitive IT service desk tasks, allowing me to closely track incidents in progress, and providing me with a knowledge base that helps me leverage the experience of my peers to find fast, effective solutions to common problems and issues.

I love the way it helps me stay on top of all the incidents I’m working on.  I can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, and that all end user support requests are handled as quickly and professionally as possible.  In fact, that annoying guy in the sales department has finally stopped complaining about having to wait so long to get his technology problems fixed.

Here’s an example of how it makes my job so much easier. Today, one of my users submitted a new incident via the online end user support portal. There were no routing or assignment rules associated with that particular incident, so it arrived to the “unassigned” queue. Since my workload was currently light, I assigned the incident to myself and started working it.

Upon reviewing the request, I realized that the user was having trouble with her Blackberry device. However, she was a bit vague about the exact nature of the problem, and I needed more information to assist her. When will users learn that the more information they give me, the easier it will be for me to help them?  But, with SAManage, I can quickly gather the needed details.  I simply added a comment into the incident, asking “Was your Blackberry activated with the Blackberry Enterprise Server?”. The comment was then automatically sent back to her via email.

When she receives the email, she can simply reply to it. Her response will be captured by the SAManage service desk, and added to the incident communication history.

As I awaited her reply, I changed the status of the ticket to “waiting for user info”, and add a few tags so I can easily locate and retrieve it when needed. One of the really cool things about the SAManage service desk is that it tags my work in the background, and helps me stay organized. This helps me refer back to it as I am working on the problem, or make fast updates as the status changes. I then checked the knowledge base to see if there were any related solutions to similar problems. I found a few, so I attached them to the ticket. This will allow me to quickly reference them as I am reviewing or handling the ticket in the system.

SAManage has made me so much more productive.  I can resolve tickets faster than ever, and keep all my end users happy – even that annoying guy in sales!

In future posts, you’ll hear from my colleagues and peers in other IT service roles, who will explain how SAManage helps support their day-to-day activities.

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