Creating a Strategic View of IT Service and Support

Jeff Rumburg

Less than 5% of all IT spending is allocated to end user support. This is because many (including most CIOs and CTOs) wrongly assume that there’s very little upside opportunity in IT service and support. The result of this assumption is that IT service and support is managed with the goal of minimizing costs, but the most effective support strategies focus on maximizing value.

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Friday Fun: Why Isn’t There an App for That?

Karen Small

There’s an app to tell you what song is playing on the radio, and a few to help you stick to your diet. We have apps to find where the best sales are and so many apps to find coupons for Cheerio’s. There are apps to find where we are going, apps to get us there cheaper, and apps to entertain us once we get there. But for all these apps, there are a few that, sadly, are missing.

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